Outdoor Nudes

On this page, I am presenting some photographs which were not made in a studio or a hotel room, but in old factories, a derelict coal mine and in other locations where I think the contrast beteen the perfect body and the environment can be shown best. Unfortunately, the European climate is not always helpful when doing this kind of photography and thank you to all the models who worked with me despite the cold!

Old coal mine in the Saar region of Germany

I had two opportunities to participate in workhops put together by Rigo Koble in the Saar region of Germany. All models were highly engaged amateurs who were a pleasure to work with. Some would have gone much farther had their boyfriends not been present! The galeries can be found on the pages Bergwerk and Alugiesserei.

..... plus a gallery with Jannina and Daria in Rigo's little Studio!


This aluminium foundry looks a bit run-down, but is still active and the models could stand close to the furnaces to keep warm during the shooting. Both of them are amateurs and both are called Isabelle. The dark-haired Isabell had her very first shooting that day!


Old factory

This old factory ouside Budapest was the background for a long lasting shooting in the spring of 2007.  


Just next to the factory, you find a small and somewhat smelly pond where we spent the rest of that day.

Car Repair Shop

And after dinner, we ended up at a car repair shop!