Eliza B


Usually, I do not photograph models with implants but each rule needs to be bent, doesn't it? These shots were taken in a colorful hotel room in Zurich.



This is Chanel's first photoshooting. She comes from Hungary but now lives and works in Switzerland.



Alla from Germany is regularly touring Switzerland. These shots were taken in Zurich.



Isa is a dream to work with: Completely natural, easy going, open minded and at ease with her beautiful body. Originally, she is from Brandenburg in Germany but lives now, with her boyfriend, in Switzerland.

Isabelle in the studio


As I now have some studio backgrounds, I could invite Isa again for some more and different photography. Luckily, she was very patient when I tried the first steps as studio photographer....



This young, quite woman from Germany was on shooting tour through Switzerland when we met in Zurich. Unfortunately, she was with an "agent" who did not know how to behave. But the results are still very pleasing.