Princess and Hoppi


This gallery is the result of bringing together my two favourite models in Dresden for a happy few hours! Wish I could do this every day - forever. Dankeschön, Hoppi und Princess of Elbflorenz!



A killing smile and a willingness to share sensual moments with the photographer. That's what makes Hoppi so very special - an worth a trip to her hometown Dresden at all times.

Princess of Elbflorenz


What was booked as one shooting turned into many, indoors, outdoors and G/G (see above). This Princess knows how to pose, is very easy to work with and has lots of ideas. Can't wait to work with her, who is for good reason in high demand, again.

Prince and Princess

See what happens if the Pincess brings her Prince along - a royal performance. For obvious reasons, this gallery is protected with a special password - sorry!



Those who say that you cannot be a great model with a great body once you've had a child shall look at these pictures. Isn't she, mother of a son, absolutely perfect?



Yes, as you can see, this young lady is pierced, but a mouse she is not, and probably never has been, I would guess. She's another liberal thinking model from Dresden.

Alexxx und Jana


Alexxx Wild and Jana Bach, two very professional models doing work not just with photographers like me but also for professional video producers. Both have great stage shows on erotic fairs in western Europe. Here, you find Alexxx' Website.



Cathy, another well known model from Hamburg presents her fair skin and blond hair in a brightly lit Hamburg hotel room.



A well experienced model and a human being with an interesting background, this is Rusalka from Leipzig. The photos were made in Hamburg.



One of the many Dianas in this business in Germany! This one is from Hamburg, highly professional and thus very easy to work with - like a well engineered German machine...



Robinja must be the tallest model I have ever worked with!



Her artist name is Alexxx Wild and all those who know her can assure you that both the xxx as well as the Wild in here name have a very good reason to be there. Alexxx is turning 40 this year but nothing will prevent her from continueing her career for many years to come!

Myra Suicide


A real Suicide Girl. Very sweet and great to work with. So different as character from what people might judge her at first sight!

Jane B


Jane B with her beautiful face is very much engaged i



Olivia, or Olley, is in modelling for quite some time. Her boyfriend who joined her for the first shooting was excellent when we had to produce foam for the shots taken in the shower. The second time round, we managed it ourselves!



Mianda, also from Hamburg, Germany, is quite experienced in modelling and does have her hot show on erotic fairs.

Taking a bath together


Jolina's first shooting with me, together with another model friend from Hamburg.



She has many aliases, this model from Hamburg, let's call her Jolina here on this page! She is super-energetic, has lots of ideas and if you want to steal horses, she's the one to take with you. Always fun to work with her!



When Nicole from Saxonia opens her hair and lets it fall over her beautiful body, she reminds me of Madonna. Whatever, Nicole is a stunning model and a happy mother of two young children!



Belive it or not: Kerstin is 44 years of age. What a body, doesn't she look better and more trained than models who are 20 years younger than her? No wonder  that  her model name is Kerstin de luxe....



Lotte is a real Hamburg woman. She lives in the middle of the Kiez and there is not much that can get her excited!



Like Lotte a single educating mother, Crazygirl comes from the Bremen area in Germany. Always smiling, she is an experienced and easy going model.



Just married, Melanie has decided to persue modelling as a full-time job and has already logged an amazing number of jobs. Good luck to you, Melanie!



What a name and what  a woman! Tall, slim, open minded and ready to go and shoot wherever we found good color in the place we shot. Hope to come back to Frankfurt, soon!

Honig Kolibri and Sexy Jolina


Yes, that is the name of the two beauties from Hamburg - at least as models! Have fun with them!

Ilka and Melanie


these two old friends of mine are from Hamburg and Bremen. It was the first G/G for Ilka - and she enjoyed it. And, as always, there is room to improve for all of us.

Martina and Friend

Martina and her life-long boyfriend asked to be photograped together after I had finished the session with her alone. And I complied....

Eliza B and Friend


My second shooting with Eliza B from Berlin took a nice twist towards the end. See the details here...