I love to take photos in hotel rooms! Plush environment, huge, usually well positioned beds, nice bathrooms, good lights etc.etc. plus the "anonymous" but still intimate environment where one feels so comfortable, both as model as well as photographer. Some models like it so much that they have joined a model website called "hotel room nudes!".

Black Beauty from Toronto


A local student, as new to photography as I was at the time!



The moment she walked through the door, I knew that this photoshoot would be a huge success. Amber from SFO is a stunner, has a perfect face and body and is very easy to work with. I feel priviledged that I could spend time with her.

Ava at the Palace


Having done photoshoots with Ava twice, I will dedicate two galleries to this excellent, easy to work with model who travels between Chicago, LA and San Francisco.



Sasha from Miami. Once she gets going, nothing can stop her. Great to work with Sasha, thanks for the opportunity!

Theda und Natasha


Two New York models, well known in the scene. Very professional and fun to work with.

Nikki und Sativa


Nikki Sebastiani andSativa Verte, two well known models from New York. Fun to work with, easy going although very different in caracter, they love to work with each other.



Here she is again, beautiful Sativa! It's great fun to work with her, she is upbeat and has lots of ideas. And she wears bush. And will wear it even after Bush!



Dorothy, well known in New York, is one of those models where you end up taking lots of pictures of her great face, almost forgetting that you booked a nude model!



Tiana, also a Manhattan model, comes from eastern Europe. Very professional but still willing to work with beginners like me. Thanks!



At the time of this shooting, Savine from Miami was new to the scene but I am sure, she's well established in the meantime.



Kimberly from Tampa is more of a fetish model. We had a great sunset-shooting in Orlando.

Leila Swan


Leila Swan, a Canadian living in San Francisco, is a free-spirited, easy to work with model. And she loves to pose to music she brings along with her to the shooting!

Leila and friend


Leila brought her boyfriend along to the shoot and we ended up doing some hot scenes. Leila knows how to seduce and play with a man. Enjoy as much as she did!

Grace and Julian


Grace and her friend Julian were photographed in New York, with Grace making sure that Julian was a happy fellow...!